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Pain Science and Recovery Seminar

Pain science and recovery is a two day seminar that offers participants an in-depth view of the modern science of pain neurophysiology, chronic pain and pain management. This seminar focuses on understanding the complexities of persistent pain and development of practical clinical techniques. A comprehensive review of the anatomy and neurophysiology of our pain system and the changes that occur when pain persists will be reviewed. Neilís extensive experience treating people with complex pain conditions in private practice and interdisciplinary pain management settings provides many case examples that illustrate the multidimensional aspects of pain. A detailed optimistic model of pain management will be outlined and current evidence based assessment and treatment will be discussed. This seminar includes case studies, small group discussions, learning and teaching self-management techniques and process for providing effective education within current practice setting.†

Pain Science and Recovery is specifically designed for health care professionals to aid with the management of patients with persistent pain. The primary goals of the two day course are to provide participants with an up-to-date understanding of pain and pain management, and to provide basic practical and effective skills to assist in day-to-day clinical practice regardless of practice setting.

Three primary focuses of treatment will be outlined:

  • effective and proven education techniques
  • self-management techniques to down-regulate the sensitized nervous system
  • specific strategies to recover function in people with persistent pain

Participants will learn how to enhance treatments by incorporating evidence based, practical and effective techniques as well as combining cognitive strategies and down-regulations techniques with manual therapies. Exploration of treatment effectiveness in relation to stages of change, motivation, perception of safety, and goal setting will be discussed.

Early bird registration deadline is August 31, 2009!

Coffee and lunch breaks will be incorporated, as snacks and refreshments will be provided during the day. Please note that participants are expected to arrange their own lunch for the two day workshop.

Grey Nuns Community Hospital
1100 Youville Drive West
(3015-62 Street)
Edmonton, Alberta

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